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Establishing a safe and healthy environment requires knowledge, recognition, and understanding of hazards. Many seemingly benign or insignificant objects, materials, and circumstances pose very real threats to our safety, health, and the environment. We must be cognizant of potentially dangerous situations before we can initiate defenses to mitigate the threat. Proper training is an essential component of accident prevention as employees are trained to recognize and control hazards associated with their work and work areas. The EH&S training section was created to be a resource for planning and conducting customized workplace specific training. We offer assistance assessing what type and when training is required. We support many alternatives for satisfying requirements and goals, and provide guidance in selecting appropriate methods.

Safety programs range from employees passing to fellow employees what they feel is important information, to formal, written, duly authorized policies and procedures. It is the responsibility of the supervisor, with input from the worker, to determine the type and level appropriate for the particular work circumstances. A training program can then be devised that supports the safety program. Our objective is to facilitate this process. The strategy is to provide services that help our customers determine their needs and establish a program that satisfies those needs. The program will ensure use of the most effective methods and techniques, providing a transparent, value added integration to work production rather than a separate, additional workload. The ultimate goal is to reduce or eliminate all hazards through development of a well-informed workforce.

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