College of Education and Human Development Alumni Highlights

Ashley Kate Nazaire in graduation attire.
Grads of the Pack: Ashley Kate Nazaire

'I had a calling to work with children and families, and I knew HDFS was for me'

Lissette Hernández headshot.
Grads of the Pack: Lissette Hernández

A first-gen student working to make her dreams of making an impact in the community a reality. “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance” – Oscar Wilde

Trinity Alverez headshot.
Grads of the Pack: Trinity Alvarez

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" Eleanor Roosevelt

Sabrina Ma wearing a graduation robe and stole
Grads of the Pack: Sabrina Ma

“I am passionate about inspiring others and finding a path to help make a difference”

Jada DeLeon wearing her graduation stole in front of a classic Wolf Pack mascot graphic
Grads of the Pack: Jada DeLeon

“I strongly believe that every child has the fundamental right to thrive in inclusive environments”

MaryAnn Demchak and Brianna Grumstrup wearing Ph.D. hooding regalia.
Researchers unveil innovative remote nutrition education for adolescents with intellectual disability

Using System of Least Prompts delivered remotely teaches nutrition education to students with intellectual disability

Victoria Matthews in graduation attire
Grads of the Pack: Victoria Matthews

"I am a proud advocate and professional mentor in the fields of adolescence and disability."

Jess Robertson
Grads of the Pack: Jess Robertson

First-generation student overcomes obstacles in pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in HDFS, "I worked so hard I wouldn't let myself give up."

Sam Stynen
Grads of the Pack: Sam Stynen, NevadaTeach Biology

“I love science, and what better way to share that love with others than through teaching.”

Andrew Teeple
Grads of the Pack: Andrew Teeple, future English teacher

“I want to become a teacher because I have always felt that helping other people become the best versions of themselves is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world.”

Paola Perez
Faces of the Pack: Alumna Paola Perez

Accomplished educator and administrator continues to serve the community

Rob Kittrell
Alumni Highlight: Rob Kittrell

Marie Espin
Alumni Highlight: Marie (Grupczynski) Espin

Kevin Carroll
Alumni Highlight: Kevin Carroll

Alumnus Kevin Carroll always knew he wanted to be an educator

Tiffany Kress
Alumni Highlight: Tiffany Kress

Brooke Bernard
Alumni Highlight: Brooke Bernard, M.Ed.

“I wanted to have an influence in kids’ lives. I enjoy the connection so much, and love middle school.” Bernard, a recently published author, brings her passion for life changing learning to everything she pursues.

David Moss
Alumni Highlight: David Moss, M.S.

David thought he was destined to pursue a history degree, but a strategic decision early in his higher education journey led to a career in sharing his passion for STEM with middle school students

Jason Mattick
Alumni Highlight: Jason Mattick

Principal Mattick dedicates his work to building a positive climate and culture in Bighorn Country and focuses on the learning environment to provide rigorous instruction and high expectations for all

Guss and Ginny
Alumni Highlight: George "Gus" Hill and Ginny Knowles

Longtime supporters of the College of Education proudly include the College of Education in their estate plan.