College of Education and Human Development Alumni Highlights

Andrew Teeple
Grads of the Pack: Andrew Teeple, future English teacher

“I want to become a teacher because I have always felt that helping other people become the best versions of themselves is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world.”

Paola Perez
Faces of the Pack: Alumna Paola Perez

Accomplished educator and administrator continues to serve the community

Rob Kittrell
Alumni Highlight: Rob Kittrell

Marie Espin
Alumni Highlight: Marie (Grupczynski) Espin

Kevin Carroll
Alumni Highlight: Kevin Carroll

Alumnus Kevin Carroll always knew he wanted to be an educator

Tiffany Kress
Alumni Highlight: Tiffany Kress

Brooke Bernard
Alumni Highlight: Brooke Bernard, M.Ed.

“I wanted to have an influence in kids’ lives. I enjoy the connection so much, and love middle school.” Bernard, a recently published author, brings her passion for life changing learning to everything she pursues.

David Moss
Alumni Highlight: David Moss, M.S.

David thought he was destined to pursue a history degree, but a strategic decision early in his higher education journey led to a career in sharing his passion for STEM with middle school students

Jason Mattick
Alumni Highlight: Jason Mattick

Principal Mattick dedicates his work to building a positive climate and culture in Bighorn Country and focuses on the learning environment to provide rigorous instruction and high expectations for all

Guss and Ginny
Alumni Highlight: George "Gus" Hill and Ginny Knowles

Longtime supporters of the College of Education proudly include the College of Education in their estate plan.