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Admission Deadlines

Applications and all associated documents must be received by the following dates to be considered. Fall Semester: July 1 | Spring Semester: Oct. 1.

About Our Program

This emphasis area is for students interested in developing expertise in teaching and teacher education, curricular development and implementation in subject and/or grade specific areas (e.g., English, social studies, elementary, secondary), and/or issues that reach across education. Individuals pursuing this degree may go on to pursue careers as researchers and teacher educators, become advanced teachers or instructional coaches within schools, or become curriculum specialists working in a variety of contexts. Courses will be selected from the student’s area of focus and can address any of the following areas:

  • Curriculum and assessment theory & development
  • Discipline or grade-level specific focus
  • Teacher education and leadership
  • Advanced pedagogical development
  • Cross-categorical courses and special topics courses may also be selected in consultation with your advisor

All questions regarding application and admission may be directed to Dr. Jennifer Mahon, doctoral program coordinator, at

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Program Information

Looking for a Graduate Assistantship?

The College of Education & Human Development has a limited number of Graduate Assistantships for full-time students admitted to masters or doctoral programs. 

Program Faculty

Curriculum and Instruction
Elizabeth Xeng De Los Santos
Elizabeth Xeng De Los Santos, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Secondary Education
(775) 682-7520
WRB 3113
Curriculum and Instruction
Jessica Gallo
Jessica Gallo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Secondary Education
(775) 682-7874
WRB 3115
Curriculum and Instruction
Li Ke
Li Ke, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Science Education
(775) 682-7530
WRB 3116
Curriculum and Instruction
Teruni Lamberg
Teruni Lamberg, Ph.D.
Professor of Elementary Mathematics
(775) 682-7533
WRB 3121
Curriculum and Instruction
Jennifer Mahon
Jennifer Mahon, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Sociocultural Education
(775) 682-7534
WRB 3116
Curriculum and Instruction
Ian McGregor
Ian McGregor, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Secondary Education
(775) 682-7537
WRB 3108
Curriculum and Instruction
Robert J. Quinn
Robert J. Quinn, Ed.D.
Professor of Mathematics Education
(775) 682-7526
WRB 3112
Curriculum and Instruction
Carolyn S. F. Silva
Carolyn S. F. Silva, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Elementary Education
(775) 682-7855
WRB 3111