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In the Literacy strand of the Ph.D. program, students develop a rich foundation of literacy theory and research. Students are prepared to investigate essential and compelling issues in literacy studies.

Admission Deadlines

The College of Education & Human Development has application deadlines for Spring (November 15). Students wishing to apply for a graduate assistantship for Fall semester must apply for the Ph.D. program and the college graduate assistantship by February 1. Applications for Fall will continue to be reviewed up to July 15.

Ph.D. in Literacy Studies

Possible concentrations for this Ph.D. strand include close study of multilingual students, early literacy, adolescent and advanced literacy, and intersection of literacy with culture and diversity. Upon completion of the program, students are prepared for both research- and teaching-oriented academic positions, as well as educational leadership positions in fields related to literacy.

The Literacy Studies area of emphasis is guided by the general framework found in the program handbook . This page will provide you general information for the Ph.D. along with with specifications unique to the Literacy Studies strand.

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Program Information

Looking for a Graduate Assistantship?

The College of Education & Human Development has a limited number of Graduate Assistantships for full-time students admitted to masters or doctoral programs.

Graduate Assistantship

Program Faculty

Julie Pennington
Julie Pennington, Ph.D.
Professor of Literacy Studies
(775) 682-7871
WRB 3060
Rachel Salas
Rachel Salas, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Literacy Studies
(775) 682-7872
WRB 3059
Dianna Townsend
Dianna Townsend, Ed.D.
Professor of Literacy Studies
(775) 682-7866
WRB 3058