Apply to COST

We are thrilled that you are interested in student teaching overseas through the COST program! To begin the process, start by visiting the COST website where you will find information on the various countries, average costs and information particular to each site. You must contact Dr. Jennifer Mahon prior to starting your application so that she may go over program requirements and expectations and answer any questions you may have. You will not be able to access the full application on the COST website until you have completed this initial meeting.

Application Process

To apply to the COST program, you will need to meet the College of Education minimum requirements for international placement, which include a 3.0 GPA and good standing in regard to Student Dispositions. In addition, students must meet all individual degree program requirements to show eligibility for internship prior to departure (these may still be in progress at time of application). Materials and information to be submitted for the full application to the COST program include the following*:

  • Two essays
  • Three letters of recommendation from: (1) a classroom teacher with whom you have completed a field/clinical, (2) a university faculty member (preferably education), and (3) a personal reference (e.g., clergy or former employer)
  • FBI background check
  • 4 countries where you are willing to accept placement
  • Living/housing needs (e.g., dietary needs, medical conditions, etc.)
  • Medical, Travel, and Professional liability insurance
  • Self photo for identification purposes
  • Three signed/notarized forms: Waiver of Responsibility (notarized), COST Code of Conduct, Statement of Responsibility
  • $150 application fee
  • $900-1200 program fee (depending on length of placement, paid after placement location confirmed)

*Application and fee requirements subject to change


Students may withdraw at any time prior to placement, however they may lose a portion of their application and/or program fee depending on date of withdrawal.