Measure Two: Indicators of teaching effectiveness

The College of Education & Human Development adopted the Washoe County School District's Teacher Evaluation Rubric for the evaluation of interns during student teaching. This evaluation tool is a modified Danielson rubric and the intern is evaluated using 4 Standards of Professional Competence:

  • Standard 1: Planning and Preparation
  • Standard 2: Classroom Environment
  • Standard 3: Instruction
  • Standard 4: Professional Responsibility

Each standard is comprised of categories (lettered items) and each category contains a list of skills. These are shown later in this document. The rating scale below is used for standards, categories, and skills. Ratings for skills are averaged to obtain the category rating. Categories are then averaged to obtain the overall rating for each standard. While it may not be possible to observe all skills during a single observation, all skills are evaluated by the end of internship by both the lead teacher and the university supervisor.

The overall rating for academic year 2019/2020 was 3.61. The preceding rating scale indicates interns performed effectively.