Counseling and Educational Psychology Directory

Students at Manzanita lake playing games

Lily Chen

Lily Chen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Counseling and Educational Psychology

(775) 682-7855

Kenneth "Ken" Coll

Kenneth Coll, Ph.D.

Professor of Counseling Education

(775) 784-4345

Brenda Freeman

Brenda Freeman, Ph.D.

Professor of Counselor Education

(775) 682-9353

Thomas "Tom" Harrison

Thomas Harrison, Ph.D.

Professor of Counseling

(775) 682-7318

Leping Liu

Leping Liu, Ph.D.

Professor, Counseling and Educational Psychology

(775) 682-5511

Cleborne "Cleb" Maddux

Cleborne Maddux, Ph.D.


(775) 682-5509

Linda Starr

Linda Starr

Admin Assistant III, Counseling and Educational Psychology/Human Development and Family Studies

(775) 682-5517

Tricia Woodliff photo

Tricia Woodliff

Downing Clinic Interim Director, Lecturer