Teruni Lamberg, Ph.D.

Professor of Elementary Mathematics
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Teruni Lamberg is a professor of elementary mathematics. Her teaching and research interests include children's mathematical thinking, teacher education and integrating technology in teaching. She is particularly interested in supporting students to learn fractions and algebra. Lamberg's work also involves understanding how to support teachers to teach math so that their students will learn. She published a book titled Whole Class Mathematics Discussions: Improving in-depth Mathematical Thinking and Learning through Pearson. This book provides teachers and professional developers with tools to use a holistic approach to integrate the Common Core Standards of Mathematical Practices to facilitate effective whole class discussions. In addition, Lamberg's post-doctoral work at Vanderbilt University involved understanding how the institutional context and professional learning communities influence how teacher teach. Supporting teachers to improve instruction involves jointly working with the school district and administrators to develop a shared vision to improve instruction. Lamberg is currently the Principal Investigator of the Lemelson STEM cohort and was the Principal Investigator of the previous Math and Science cohorts. In addition, she also served as the Principal Investigator of the Northeastern Nevada Mathematics Project. Her work involves using Design Research at the classroom level as well as teacher professional development. She co-wrote a paper on design research that was published in the Educational Researcher titled: Design Research Perspectives on Transitioning from Individual Microgenetic Interviews to a Whole Class Teaching Experiment. Lamberg is actively involved in the mathematics education community. She serves on the board of the Nevada Mathematics Council and the Northern Nevada Mathematics Council. She served twice as chair for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, Northern American Chapter and hosted two annual meetings in Reno. Her work involves working extensively with school districts in Nevada and around the country.

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  • Ph.D., Arizona State University
  • M.A., Arizona State University
  • B.A., University of Texas at Austin