Walter Brediger, III, M.S.

Logistics Coordinator
Photo of Walter


Walter Brediger, III is the administrative assistant for the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Nevada, Reno. His storied career has allowed him to develop proficiencies in customer service, design and marketing, communications, food tasting and cartography.

Walter is also a University of Nevada, Reno graduate, having completed his undergraduate degree in Geography after a long, circuitous route. He is in the process of pursuing a Master's degree in Human Geography, focusing on identity, affect and inclusion within board game establishments.

In his off-time, Walter is an enthusiastic cook and self-proclaimed "food-venturer," an avid board and tabletop game player, and an amateur world-builder and hopeful game designer.


  • M.S., Geography, University of Nevada, Reno (in progress)
  • B.A., Geography, University of Nevada, Reno