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Instructions for Clinical Experiences

"Print" button on application is not working at this time.


  • Print off of final page form (Grey form after you submit it), do not use print button, use internet print
  • Make sure it is "Portrait" view
  • Shrink down view to 70% in order to fit all information on sheet

So here's what students need to do: (You need to only fill out ONE form a school year. Do NOT fill one out for each practicum class that you are in)

  1. Scan and print a copy of your government ID and attach to printed online form. (ex: driver's license or passport). Image must be at least the same size as the item being scanned or larger. Scanners are located in LRC on the 1st floor.
  2. Complete the practicum form online and print a copy:  Practicum form
  3. Staple your scanned ID copy to the front of the printed form.
  4. Take this packet to your course instructor and have them verify your ID and sign/date your form. Keep packet in your possession at all times.
  5. If you have answered "Yes" to any of the "Convicted of" section. Please print this form out and attach it to your Practicum form.
  6. Deposit this packet in the secure mail slot located on the 2nd floor, WRB, left of the door of the CAC office 2004
  7. Even if you are employed at Washoe County, you have to still fill one out because you are not going in as a WCSD employee but as a UNR student.

If course instructors or GA's are going to be at the school too, they must complete the same ID scanning procedures as students.

Scanning is good for one school calendar year. (Fall through Spring)

Deadline: Id scanning forms are due on Friday of the second week of fall and spring semesters. It is not necessary to have a placement first! Id scanning is a separate process and needs to be completed within the first two weeks of each semester. Please note: WCSD reserves the right to refuse school access to late submissions.

CAC Internal Process (for informational use only)

1.       Each morning CAC personnel will retrieve practicum forms from secure lock box.
2.       CAC personnel will review the forms for completeness.  The review will consist of checking for Student Signature, Professor Signature, Form of ID attached, and Disclosure Question status.
3.       If there is an issue with missing signatures or ID the form will be placed in a yellow folder and the student contacted to come pick up form to be completed.
4.       If there is an issue with Disclosure questions the form will be placed in a red folder and hand delivered to WCSD.  The student and professor will be notified that the student may not start Practicum until cleared by WCSD.
5.       If the form is complete with no disclosure issues then it will be hand delivered to WCSD.
6.       All forms will either be in the secure lock box, in a safe in the CAC office or at WCSD.

UNR Security Policy:

  • The person completing ID scanning must keep all parts of their packet in their possession at all times

  • The online submission and packet deposited in the designated mail slot has been deemed secure by the UNR Security Officer.