Lily Chen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods & Learning Sciences
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Select Publications

Chen, L.-T., Chen, Y.-K., Yang, T.-R., Chiang, Y.-S., Hsieh, C.-Y., Cheng, C., Ding, Q.-W., Wu, P.-J., & Peng, C.-Y. J. (2023). Examining the normality assumption of a design-comparable effect size in single-case designs. Behavior Research Methods. Advance online publication. 

Chen, L.-T., Liu, L., & Tretheway, P. (2021). Using multilayer videos for remote learning: Videos of session guidance, content instruction, and activity. Computers in the Schools, 38(4), 322-353.

Peng, C.-Y. J. & Chen, L.-T. (2021). Assessing intervention effects in the presence of missing scores. Education Sciences, 11(2), Article 76. 

Chen, L.-T. & Liu, L. (2021). Methods to analyze Likert-type data in educational technology research. Journal of Educational Technology Development and Exchange, 13(2), 39-60. 

Liu, L., Chen, L.-T., & Li, W. (2020/2021).  Influential factors on technology-based learning in science, mathematics, and engineering (SME): A case-analysis from 305 studies. International Journal of Technology in Teaching and Learning, 16(2), 106-128.

Chen, L.-T., Ding, Q.-W., Hsieh, C.-Y., Chen, Y.-K., Chiang, Y.-S., Huang, S.-C. , Yang, T.-R., Cheng, C., Liou, P.-Y., & Peng, C.-Y. J. (2020). Effect size reporting practices in Taiwanese psychology and education journals: Review and beyond. Chinese Journal of Psychology, 62(4), 553-592.

Chen, L.-T. & Hsu, Y.-W. (2020). Socio-ecological predictors of frequent bike share trips: Do purposes matter? International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(20), Article 7640. 

Chen, L.-T., & Liu, L. (2020). Social presence in multidimensional online discussion: The roles of group size and requirements for discussions. Computers in the Schools, 37(2), 116-140. 


  • ITLD 413/613 Digital Communication and Social Learning
  • EDRS 640 Educational Measurements and Statistics
  • EDRS 700 Introduction to Educational Research
  • EDRS 715 Advanced Educational Measurement
  • EDRS 745 Advanced Research Design
  • EDRS 769 Structural Equation Modeling in Educational Research


  • Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Inquiry Methodology, Indiana University
  • M.S. in Psychology, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
  • B.S. in Psychology, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan