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Teaching Licensure Programs

If you wish to teach in grades K-12 in Nevada you must have a teaching license. A license is issued by the Nevada Department of Education following completion of a recognized teacher preparation program. The College of Education offers teacher preparation programs and specialized licenses or endorsements for those who have already completed a Bachelor's degree, and for those working toward a Bachelor's degree.

Options if You Have Completed a Bachelor's Degree

If you already have a Bachelor’s degree, you can earn teacher licensure and specialized endorsements in the following programs through either master’s degrees, professional degrees (courses to earn teacher licensure without a graduate degree), or endorsement sequences:

  • Master’s Degree in Elementary Education (grades K-8) Depending on your previous preparation, courses in content areas such as math, science, and social studies, may need to be completed prior to full admission.
  • Master's Degree in Secondary Education or Professional Certificate in Secondary Education (grades 7-12) Coursework meeting state licensure requirements for content teaching areas (e.g. English, History, Social Studies, Global Languages, Art, Music, Sciences, Mathematics) can be done concurrently with the certification courses in education. Content area courses are available in other UNR Departments including teacher shortage areas such as science and mathematics.
  • Master’s Degree in Special Education or Professional Degree in Special Education Nevada licensure in mild-moderate disabilities (K-12), early childhood/early intervention (birth to age 8), moderate to profound disabilities (to age 22), autism (K-12), and other disability areas.
  • Graduate Certificate in Gifted and Talented Education provides graduate students with a set of courses that fulfill the content that is specified by the State of Nevada Department of Education for an endorsement in Gifted and Talented Education.  These courses fulfill the requirements to obtain the endorsement on an existing teaching license.
  • Nevada Endorsement to teach English as a second language(ESL) is a teaching area that can be added to a Nevada teaching license in elementary, secondary, or special education. A graduate certificate in TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages-- 15 credits) is also available and the certificate completion will be noted on your transcript.
  • Endorsement as a Literacy Specialist requires a master's degree and completion of 16 specific credits in literacy education. It can be completed as part of the Master of Education in Literacy Studies or as a separate endorsement if you already have a master's degree.

For Nevada licensure requirements and a list of teaching areas available for secondary level, please go the Nevada Department of Education website.

For bachelor's level programs in Elementary and Secondary education, please see Degrees and Programs.

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