Teach in 12 — micro-learning events

The latest offering from ODL, Teach in 12 is a series of micro-learning virtual events focusing on specific areas of using technology in teaching. These 20-minute sessions (12-minute learning + 8-minute open discussion/Q&A) take place via Zoom every Wednesday at 12PM, from September 6 through November 8, 2023.

Sign up for these events using the registration links below.

Fall 2023 sessions


12:00 pm

Intro to AI tools for teaching and learning

Join us for an engaging workshop that delves into the exciting world of AI-powered tools in education. Discover a range of innovative solutions that harness the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize the learning experience.

SEP 13

12:00 pm

AI prompting tips and techniques

Learn strategies and tips for prompting AI to fine tune your results. In this short session, you will learn basic tips and will be introduced to more advanced strategies that you can explore.

SEP 20

12:00 pm

AI Tools for Tasks, Quizzes, and Step-by-Step Assignment Instructions

Learn about the ultimate AI tools for saving you time in creating assignments! In this session, we will play with GoblinTools and QuestionWell, which are two powerful tools that save you time in drafting assignment steps and creating quiz questions.

SEP 27

12:00 pm

Incorporating ChatGPT in the assignments

Use ChatGPT to help students develop critical thinking and reflection skills. In this session we will explore how we can use the technology in a critical way that helps them to develop skills needed for success, including critical thinking, evaluating, summarizing, referencing, etc.


12:00 pm

Teaching Students about AI

AI is a hot topic, and we know that students are already using it in many aspects of their lives. This session will discuss what instructors can do to help students better understand AI, the opportunities and challenges associated with it, and its responsible use in your class.

OCT 11

12:00 pm

Using ChatGPT to create scenario-based assessments

Scenario-based assessment (SBA) allows students to apply theoretical knowledge to real world situation. ChatGPT can be used to help create scenario-based assessments. In this session we will explore the idea of using the technology to generate scenarios for discussions and exam questions.

OCT 18

12:00 pm

Where AI drops the ball

Join us at this workshop as we explore and view the limitations and challenges of ChatGPT. Gain a deeper understanding of how biases, data limitations, and interpretability issues can affect ChatGPT’s ability to support learning and instruction.

OCT 25

12:00 pm

Teaching Students to Evaluate AI Tools and Output

The training aims to equip faculty with effective teaching strategies and resources to help their students learn how to evaluate AI tools and outputs critically. By the end of the session, faculty will be prepared to incorporate AI evaluation skills into their curriculum and mentor students in becoming discerning users of AI technologies.


12:00 pm

Using AI to Create Visually Engaging Lecture Slides

Want to make your lecture slides more visually appealing to students but don’t want to spend a lot of time learning how to do so? Let AI do the work for you! This session will share ways to use Google Slides AI extension and PowerPoint AI Design feature to quickly create visually engaging slides.


12:00 pm

Creating hard to find visual content with AI

Learn how to use AI tools to create imagery for presentations. Gone are the days of searching through royalty free images in hopes of finding anything that might be marginally usable; now you can just ask AI to quickly create something useful that used to take advanced art compositing skills.