Student response systems (SRS)

Student Response Systems (SRS), also referred to as Classroom Response Systems or “clickers,” are web-based or desktop applications that collect real-time responses from students. They can be used for class discussion, peer instruction, student engagement and formative assessment.

With SRS instructors can promote deep learning by engaging students in active discussion, assess students understanding and provide immediate visual feedback to create a more encouraging and engaging learning environment for a diverse student body. The Office of Digital Learning supports the use of SRS by providing training for faculty on how to use this technology effectively to enhance teaching and learning, and by integrating a selected SRS in WebCampus.

Student response system standardization

In Spring/Summer 2020, the University began working towards a single supported student response system. A group made up of faculty users, ASUN student representatives and technology support staff came together to evaluate the various systems available and in use at the University. At the end of this process, it was recommended that the University switch to a single platform, and PointSolutions  by Echo360 (formerly TurningPoint by Turning Technologies) was chosen. In fall 2021 we began phasing out the use of Top Hat, and as of Spring 2022, PointSolutions is the only used and supported system on campus. Selecting one SRS has reduce student costs, as each platform requires a license to be purchased. The Office of Digital Learning provides training and resources for faculty who need to transition their content to the PointSolutions platform.


PointSolutions logo

PointSolutions (formerly known as TurningPoint) has been used at the University for over a decade. It has both a web-based polling platform and a desktop application. The desktop application is installed in all smart classrooms. Students use their own mobile devices (such as smart phones, tablets or laptops) as virtual clickers to participate in polling.

To participate in polling activities, students need to register for a PointSolutions account and purchase a subscription ($15/year when using their University of Nevada, Reno email address for their PointSolutions account).

Please note that PointSolutions is formerly known as TurningPoint by Turning Technologies. You may still see references to TurningPoint in the provided documentation.

PointSolutions for students

PointSolutions for faculty

Top Hat

Top Hat Logo

Top Hat is no longer supported at the University. Its integration with WebCampus was removed at the start of Spring 2022.

Please note that there is no direct transfer of the content from Top Hat to PointSolutions. The polling/quiz questions in Top Hat need to be re-created in PointSolutions.

For more information and assistance contact the Office of Digital Learning via email, or by calling (775) 682-6798.