Using Respondus LockDown Browser in Zoom

Your instructor may want to proctor via Zoom while you are taking an exam that requires the use of LockDown Browser. Follow the simple steps below to ensure a smooth exam experience:

  • Close and exit all chat and screen capturing apps.
  • Click on the Zoom meeting link, log in with SSO (NetID and password) if needed, and wait for the instructor to announce the start of the exam. An exam passcode will be shared (if applicable).
  • Open Respondus LockDown Browser, log in to WebCampus, and go the exam. Click on Start the quiz. You may be asked for the passcode.
  • Complete and submit the exam. Then you can exit the LockDown Browser and return to the Zoom meeting.

Note that you will need to take the exam on a computer, NOT on an iPad. During the exam you are unable to access Zoom or other apps, which means you are unable to ask the instructor questions related to the exam.