Using your laptop with Zoom and the classroom technology

Instead of using your typical method for connecting your laptop to the classroom technology, you will need to connect your laptop to Zoom as a guest participant.

Step 1: On the classroom PC: Start your Zoom meeting.

Step 2: On the classroom PC: Make sure all of your settings are correct to use the classroom technology with Zoom (See Using Zoom for HyFlex/Mixed-Delivery in this Classroom).

Step 3: Email yourself a copy of the meeting link that you can access from your laptop. (You can do this step prior to class.)

Step 4: On your laptop: make sure you are logged out of the Zoom application. This will ensure you can join as a guest.

Step 5: On your laptop: click on the meeting link to join the meeting with your laptop. The Waiting Room will come up.

Step 6: On the classroom PC: allow the laptop into the Meeting and make Co-Host.

Step 7: On your laptop: Make sure you immediately mute the mic and speakers in Zoom.

Step 8: On your laptop: When ready share your laptop screen through Zoom. Both the local and remote students will be able to view your screen.