Contact the Classroom Technology Team

The Classroom Technology Team provides support for the technology in all centrally-scheduled classrooms. If you need technology support in a classroom or would like to request training, please email or call (775) 784-6085. The Classroom Technology Team is available Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

For inquiries about AV or classroom projects, please email to schedule a consultation.

Classroom delivery resources

Wireless presentation in the classroom

Learn how to connect mobile and laptop devices to the classroom projection system with the AirMedia interface.

Zoom: Classroom settings

Get started with Zoom in the classroom

Using PowerPoint with Zoom

Learn how to use Zoom to share PowerPoint and other applications with your class via Zoom.

Sharing documents and applications from your laptop

Get started presenting content from your laptop to the class via Zoom.

Classroom technology lookup tool

The classroom technology lookup tool allows you to review technologies found in classrooms and other on-campus spaces to become familiar with the feature set in a given space.