Advanced modality classroom

What is it?

The Advanced Modality Classroom is an effort to leverage what was learned during the pandemic by making it possible for Faculty to teach a section in person while simultaneously teaching a section synchronously online. The hope is that this classroom can both better facilitate new course delivery methods and serve as a test space for new technology and functionality. This classroom was made possible and funded by the Office of the Provost.

What is the classroom composed of?

Student Microphones

Ceiling microphones have been installed to facilitate discussion between local and remote students. These mics can be muted when not in use.

Whiteboard camera

The central portion of the whiteboards in the room can be streamed via Zoom as a source. This enables faculty to use the whiteboards effectively with both local and remote students or to record their lecture material.

Document integration camera

The document camera has been added as a direct source in Zoom without having to run it through the PC. This provides a much more stable/reliable connection method.

Upgraded room cameras

The room has two PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras that provide preset shots for instructor and student views.

Additional functionality coming in phase 2 of this project: Beamforming microphones with auto-steering cameras.

How do I schedule the Classroom?

The classroom will be scheduled in the same manner as normal, with the request going through Scheduling Services. However, prior to using the new, advanced features of the room, we will require a brief faculty training.

How do I request training?

Training can be requested from the Classroom Technology group of the Office of Digital Learning. Please email or call 775-784-6085 to schedule a training session.

Where is the classroom?

Davidson Math and Science Center, - Room 103

How do I prepare to teach an online and in person section simultaneously?

The Office of Digital Learning has an Instructional Designer that you can meet with to help you prepare to teach in the Advanced Modality Classroom. You should also review the information provided on ODL’s Prepare to teach on Zoom webpage. The Zoom web conferencing tool is available for all faculty, staff, and students. Please visit the University of Nevada, Reno Zoom web portal to provision your account.