Lightboard studio

Located in room 122 of the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center in the @One, the lightboard studio is an automated video recording system that uses a of a pane of glass between the presenter and the camera, special markers, lighting, and software to allow you to write or draw content on the glass while facing the camera. The lightboard studio also allows you to share, annotate, and interact with overlaid images/slides. The lightboard studio can be used to create engaging instructional video content that can be integrated into your course materials on WebCampus or otherwise shared in your course.

How to get started

First time users of the lightboard studio are asked to receive a training on the technology. This training session done by one of ODL’s staff members, will ensure a smooth experience for the user. Please contact the Office of Digital Learning to schedule a training session. Once you have completed the initial lightboard studio training, you will be able to reserve the room through the @One.