Screen recording options

A number of options exist for recording instructional presentations and on-screen content that you wish to share with others. Depending on the purpose of the recording, you may chose to explore one of the following:


Academic/instructional faculty have access to Camtasia by request. Camtasia is a recording and production platform that allows for advanced editing functionality. Camtasia is recommended for higher production-value projects such as lectures that you intend to reuse from semester to semester.

Learn about using Camtasia to record your screen and/or lecture material

Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture is a tool that is built into WebCampus and allows you to quickly record your screen and upload so that you may post the video and make it available to your students. Capture is recommended as a tool for easily creating quick recordings of your screen and webcam that you do not intend to edit.

Learn about using Kaltura Capture to record your screen


The Zoom web conferencing platform features cloud and local recording options that capture your screen, voice, and image. Zoom is recommended as the tool for creating recordings of multiple people collaborating on a presentation, or as a simple standalone screen-recording mechanism if you are the only participant in the meeting. Zoom has the additional benefit of automated closed captioning for your cloud recordings.

Learn how to use Zoom as a screen recording and/or lecture capture tool


Narrated PowerPoints featuring your recorded voice embedded in the slides can be saved as video.  Voice-over-Powerpoint is recommended as a way to quickly record your lectures on a familiar platform.

Learn how to use voice-over-PowerPoint to produce video lectures