Digital Wolf Pack Initiative faculty sessions

Regularly scheduled iPad focused training sessions are available through the Office of Digital Learning. You may also contact ODL for assistance using the iPads for teaching.

The following Zoom training sessions are available as recordings:

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University of Nevada, Reno led training sessions

  • Office Hours via Zoom on iPad

    1 hour

    Learn how to effectively connect with students for virtual office hours and more using the Zoom app on the iPad. Covers effective use of the whiteboard, screen-sharing and more.

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  • Using iPad video in WebCampus

    1 hour

    Learn how to use your My Media repository in WebCampus with your iPad. This session will cover how to make videos you’ve created on the iPad available to students in your WebCampus courses.

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  • Getting the most out of WebCampus on iPad

    1 hour

    Learn the ins and outs of using WebCampus/Canvas on iPad. This session will provide an introduction to the Canvas for Teacher app, walk participants through communication, content-sharing, and grading with iPad, and discuss when to use the app vs. the web browser.

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  • Student Engagement and Assessment with iPad

    1 hour

    Learn how iPad can be used to engage students and assess learning. Polling and assessment apps will be introduced, and we will discuss strategies of using these apps.

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  • Creating Podcasts on iPad

    1 hour

    Learn the ins and outs of podcasting on the iPad. The workshop covers creative tools, processes, and workflows for successful podcast creation using the iPad as the production platform.

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  • Beyond Paper: Getting Started with Digital Notetaking

    1 hour

    Designed to help you transition from pen and paper to digital, this hands-on session will help you dive into the myriad benefits of digital notetaking, gaining the skills to enhance productivity and organization in both personal and professional spheres. Explore a range of user-friendly digital tools, from feature-rich applications to hidden stylus options, ensuring that each participant discovers the ideal app to suit their unique needs. Don't miss the chance to unlock new levels of efficiency in this exciting journey from paper to pixels!

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  • Semester Sync: Unleashing iPad Power for Organized Planning

    1 hour

    Transform how you plan for academic success using the amazing features of the iPad. In this hands-on session, you'll discover the full potential of your iPad as a tool for effortless organization and effective planning during the school year. Geared towards educators navigating the digital landscape of education, this workshop will guide you through practical demonstrations and tips to make the iPad your go-to hub for managing tasks, schedules, and academic resources. Step into the digital era of education and revolutionize your planning process with this interactive and dynamic workshop.

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  • Efficiency Amplified: Mastering Productivity and Workflow on iPad

    1 hour

    Discover the amazing capabilities of your iPad and transform the way you work in this hands-on session designed to help you become a master of productivity. Throughout the workshop, you'll explore techniques and strategies to unlock the full potential of your iPad, turning it into an essential tool for both work and creativity. Learn how to streamline your tasks and enhance your creative processes by discovering a range of features and apps that empower you to achieve more in less time.

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  • iPad Essentials for New-to-iPad Users

    1 hour

    Whether you've just gotten an iPad or are thinking about switching to this versatile device, this workshop is your key to unlocking the full potential of your iPad. In this hands-on workshop, we will help you understand the essential features and functions that make the iPad a powerful tool for productivity, creativity, and entertainment. From learning the intuitive touch gestures to exploring the App Store for useful applications, this workshop is customized to give you the skills to easily incorporate the iPad into your daily life, teaching, and research.

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