The University of Nevada, Reno requires all course content to be accessible. This means that any materials posted in WebCampus or websites used for instruction need to be accessible. This also means that all instructional video content needs to have closed captions. We have taken measures to help ensure content that posted in WebCampus is accessible for your students by putting Ally in place. However, Ally does not help content placed outside of WebCampus (i.e. on your web site), so we strongly encourage all faculty/instructors to place course materials in the WebCampus. We are here to help you through the technological aspects of the process.

Ally accessibility checker for WebCampus

Ally checks course files, provides guidance and makes more-accessible versions of files in WebCampus.

Captioning requests and resources

Options and resources available for getting video content closed-captioned.

Accessibility workshops and training

The Office of Digital Learning provides a range of accessibility workshops and trainings for faculty members, from remediating PDFs to creating accessible documents.

Creating and using accessible instructional materials

Resources for how to create and use instructional materials in your courses.

University accessibility portal

The University of Nevada, Reno offers general accessibility resources, guidelines and policy directives in its accessibility section. Please visit this section for accessibility information that applies institution-wide to the University.