Accessibility in WebCampus

Course materials uploaded into WebCampus are required to be accessible in accordance with the standards set forth by the University. For more information on accessibility at the University of Nevada, Reno and on general accessibility for course content, visit the accessibility resources page.

Ally accessibility checker

Blackboard Ally is an application that interfaces with our Learning Management System (LMS), WebCampus (Canvas) to provide two important accessibility services:

  1. Checks course file accessibility and provides remediation guidance for instructors.
  2. Automatically makes more-accessible versions of course files.

While Ally is developed by Blackboard, it is LMS-agnostic and works with a number of major systems such as Canvas, Blackboard and Moodle.

Ally checks against our compliance standards: the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 level A and AA. In addition to error notification and guidance, Ally also allows instructors to make some accessibility edits, such as adding alternative text to images, easily and directly from within the application.

For more information and training, please access the Office of Digital Learning Workshops and Training site to sign up for the Accessible Files in WebCampus: Hands-on with Ally training where instructors can receive assistance making their own course files accessible.

For specific questions or department-specific training, please contact the Office of Digital Learning at

Ally guide for faculty

Ally assists faculty in making their course content more accessible in the following ways:

  1. Indicates the current level of accessibility for a variety of file types
  2. Provides information and/or guidance about changes that will improve accessibility
  3. Generates more-accessible versions of course files for students to use until an instructor remediates the files for broader accessibility.

Ally guide for students

Ally generates more-accessible versions of course files for student use until an instructor can remediate the source files for broader accessibility.

WebCampus rich text editor accessibility checker

Learn about the accessibility checker that is built into the Rich Content Editor in WebCampus.