Using LockDown Browser with iPad

Respondus has a LockDown Browser app for iPad, which allows students to take exams with iPad that require the use of the LockDown Browser. Faculty will need to select the appropriate setting if they want to make the use of iPad an option.

Note that this iPad app is not compatible with the exams on Pearson MyLab. It only works with quizzes on WebCampus.

Follow the simple step below to adjust settings allowing students to take the exam with iPad:

  • Go to the course, and then the LockDown Browser dashboard.
  • Find the exam that requires the use of LockDown Browser (or LockDown Browser and Monitor)
  • Click on the down arrow and then Setting.
  • Under LockDown Browser Settings, click to expand the options under Advanced Settings.
  • Check the 3rd-third option on the list to allow students to take the exam using the LockDown Browser app on the iPad.
Screenshot of the LockDown Browser settings with the advanced settings expanded and the box checked for 'Allow students to take this exam with an iPad" selected.
[Figure 1] Screenshot of the LockDown Browser settings.

Students will need to download the LockDown Browser app from the App Store. Exams that require the use of Respondus Monitor can also be taken with the app.