Using My Media to deploy video content in WebCampus

Your My Media area has no storage limit and should be used for all video in WebCampus. Video content should not be uploaded directly into the files section of your WebCampus course. Doing so will rapidly use your course storage quota, and there are both student experience (video players) and accessibility concerns with putting video content directly into the files section. We are unable to provide the required captions for video housed in the files area; all video should be migrated to your My Media (Kaltura).

Important things to know about My Media:

  • You will see the same My Media content in any course where you have it enabled; this is your personal repository.
  • You do not need to upload the same video multiple times, upload once and you can deploy it from My Media in various ways to any/all of your classes for any semester until/unless it has been removed.
  • My Media does not store the source video; videos are re-encoded for optimized web delivery and the original is deleted. You should retain your master copies of your video content.
  • Videos added to My Media are re-encoded before you can view them. The processing times for videos varies but it is not immediate, expect to wait at least the duration of the video you are uploading for the video to be encoded and available. This time can be shorter or longer depending on system demand. Don’t deploy the video to the Media Gallery or a page/assignment/discussion until it has finished processing and you can preview the video.
  • Faculty content that has not been accessed in 2 years will be removed from the system.
  • Student content may be removed from their My Media areas 120 days after the end of the semester in which it was created/uploaded.
  • Safari users will need to turn off the Privacy Setting “Prevent cross-site tracking” in order to leverage My Media and any other third-party tools in WebCampus. The use of Chrome or Firefox is strongly encouraged.

Resources for using video in WebCampus

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