WebCampus Community

Non-credit courses. Community outreach. Training workshops.

WebCampus Community, also known as Canvas Catalog, is an all-in-one learning platform that includes course registration, a payment gateway, full functionality and capabilities of WebCampus courses, and a certificate-generated platform. Community allows the University to reach out to non-UNR affiliated users.

Community overview

WebCampus Community enhances campus outreach capabilities, serving programs and initiatives that wish to deliver materials to a non-UNR affiliate userbase and allowing the deployment of course offerings with registration fees.

Community allows for the standard WebCampus functionalities (modules, pages, quizzes, grading, etc.) to be used for the creation of content that can be delivered to both internal and external audiences. A built-in registration and payment gateway handles account creation for non-UNR affiliates. Community also features custom branding for public-facing landing pages, and offers both generic and custom certificates of completion.

Departments that utilize WebCampus Community are responsible for a per-user charge for the creation of user accounts of non-UNR affiliates.

For more information and assistance, please contact Kari Johnson at (775) 682-6786, or at