Zoom web conferencing

The Zoom web conferencing tool is available for the campus. The University of Nevada, Reno licenses the Zoom for Education plan for all faculty, staff, and students.

This plan allows for unlimited duration meetings, meeting capacity of 300, and cloud video storage for recorded meetings.

Please visit the University of Nevada, Reno Zoom web portal to provision your account.

Zoom sign in instructions

Step 1: In the Zoom application, click/tap on the Sign In button.
Step 2: Click on the SSO button.
Step 3: If prompted, enter 'unr' in the domain field.
Step 4: Enter your NetID and password.

Zoom for students

Information and guidance for students attending class sessions through Zoom can be found in the student guide for Zoom.

Removing a participant and securing your Zoom sessions

Learn how to remove a disruptive participant from your Zoom sessions, and how to set up a Zoom session to be more secure against disruption and attack.

Using Zoom for identity verification purposes

Learn how to use Zoom to meet identity verification requirements for online coursework.

Zoom information for instructors

Zoom is a web conferencing tool that can be used for live class sessions, presentations by guest lecturers, instructor office hours, or interactions between students and peers. Zoom allows you to conduct class or hold meetings in a live online format using a web camera and microphone while sharing the contents of your screen. It features the ability to share your screen, a chat function, a virtual whiteboard, breakout rooms for smaller discussions, and allows you to record your sessions.

Zoom is accessed via the web portal, as a standalone application on your desktop or phone, or in WebCampus. With the WebCampus integration, you can add the Zoom link to your course menus for easy deployment in your courses.

Please visit best practices for teaching live with Zoom for information on instructional strategies.

Getting started on Windows and Mac (external link to Zoom site)

Securing your Zoom sessions against Zoombombing

With the increased reliance on web conferencing for instruction, sound security practices need to be emphasized to minimize disruption and exposure to threats. A recent trend of Zoombombing, wherein internet trolls (often with no affiliation to the class or University) gain access to unsecured Zoom meetings can be combated by:

  • Utilizing the waiting room feature in Zoom to screen participants of your meeting who have not signed into to the University of Nevada, Reno Zoom portal.
  • Setting a password for your meetings.
  • Enabling the “Only authenticated users can join” option for your meetings.
  • Ensuring that you Zoom meeting links are never posted to any public facing website.

For more best practices on securing your Zoom sessions, see our page on preventing Zoombombing.

Setting up, launching Zoom and troubleshooting issues

How do I . . .

Support for administrative meetings

For administrative web conferencing support, please contact the Office of Information Technology.