Digital Wolf Pack Initiative

Digital Wolf Pack Initiative

Transforming the learning experience through digital technology and tools

The University is working with Apple to develop a pilot program, the Digital Wolf Pack Initiative, that will provide a common learning platform and deliver equal access to technology and digital tools for both first-year freshmen and faculty. Our goal is this new initiative will augment digital literacy and enhance student success by providing curriculum and experiences that will benefit our students as they expand their digital skillsets, making them much more marketable as they seek out their new careers. 

Funding for the program is coming exclusively through a one-time allocation of the University’s investment income. No student fees are being used.

Device overview

Program overview

  • What does the program do?

    This pilot program is designed to support students’ experience on and off campus by more fully integrating technology into students’ academic careers.

  • Why is the Digital Wolf Pack Initiative needed?

    The University has learned a great deal about new teaching, testing and assessment and student support as our campus has navigated the challenges of the pandemic. This has been a shared experience by everyone in our community. One of the major lessons as we emerge from this period has been that digital literacy and digital accessibility are at the forefront of the future success of our students — not only on their path to graduation, but in becoming the leaders we know they can be in a highly competitive and ever-evolving careers marketplace.

    We need to do a better job of providing digital equity and digital literacy. The Wolf Pack Digital Initiative provides an excellent step forward in bridging the digital divide facing many of our students, while also providing us an opportunity to amplify digital learning resources that are already available to all members of our student body. The new initiative will augment digital literacy and enhance student success by providing curriculum and experiences that will benefit our students as they expand their digital skillsets, making them much more marketable as they seek out their new careers.

  • What is the long-term goal of the program?

    This initiative represents a new educational modality so that every major and every program at our institution can institute a greater emphasis on digital literacy and fluency. The digital world touches everything in the real world. We believe this is only the beginning of our University offering greater access to digital tools that will help our students throughout their time as scholars on our campus as well as professionals in the marketplace while also strengthening our academic curriculum in its scope and impact. Whether students are freshmen or already advancing through their academic careers at the University, there are resources, tools and instruction available on our campus to help.

  • Why are freshmen being utilized for the pilot program?

    We are initiating this project with the incoming students as a pilot to assess how this program supports our initiatives in education, retention and graduation. When meeting with Apple’s first Digital Flagship University, Ohio State University, they started their digital initiative program with freshmen and recommended it to us as the best approach. This includes incorporating our Learning Management and Advising Software Systems on the devices. The devices should provide every student with the same ability to access our support systems including advisors, career services, health professionals and faculty. All of our students, whether it is through the pilot program or through other resources available on campus, should have the ability to pursue their graduation and career goals.

  • What other resources does the program provide?

    We will have an Apple Learning Professional on our campus to support faculty in developing curricula based on digital experiences. We will also be using the ASUN Wolfshop to provide access to Apple Care if students have hardware issues. All University students and faculty will have a direct line to Apple Care to provide support for apps and training.

  • Will faculty have access to these tools, software or apps?

    Yes, faculty will have access to the tools, software and apps to incorporate into their curriculum

  • Can students opt out of the program?

    We won’t require that a student accept an iPad. However, we will base the implementation of the program on a common technology platform. Specific devices and applications may be needed for some enhanced curriculum.

  • What campus digital resources are available for all students?

    All University students have access to Apple iPads through @One in the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center. These devices are available via checkout and are for all students’ use throughout the semester for classwork, assignments and navigating the University. We are hopeful that more students, particularly those who feel their current devices might be lacking, will avail themselves of these excellent learning devices during the coming semester. All students will have access to Apple Care assistance through the University’s help desk. Google hot spots will continue to be available for students as well.

  • What does this mean for the College of Business work with Microsoft?

    The College of Business will continue to work with Microsoft. There is no change to this agreement.


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