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NevadaFIT information

August 17-22, 2024

NevadaFIT is a required, one-credit intensive academic program for first-year students that begins one week prior to the fall semester. Students will move in early so they are ready to engage in this on-campus college-before-college experience. It is designed to help students successfully transition from high school to college and provides realistic exposure to the style, pace, intensity, and rigor of college courses. After completing NevadaFIT, students are better prepared for their first semester of college.

TransferFIT information

August 17-22, 2024 (in-person)

August 26 - December 6, 2024 (online)

TransferFIT is an optional*, three-credit course that is designed to meet some of the unique needs of transfer students. This course helps ease the transition into the University of Nevada, Reno while supporting students in building a community with their peers. The in-person portion of the course coincides with NevadaFIT but continues into the fall semester as an online course. There are a limited number of seats and students must fill out the interest form.

*TransferFIT is required for all transfer students living in the Transfer LLC.

Mentor information

Upperclassmen can apply for the opportunity to work for the NevadaFIT program!

There are eleven college-based camps, including an exploratory camp for those who are undecided, plus a camp for transfer students. Apply for one of the following positions: Pack Mentor, TransferFIT Mentor, Central Team Leader, or Digital Wolf Pack Initiative Ambassador. You do not need to have attended FIT as a student to be hired as a mentor.

Are you a newly admitted student starting in Fall 2024?

Be sure to check out our New Student Summer Experience page to learn about required events and key dates from summer through fall.

New Student Summer Experience
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Program awards and recognition

"It was phenomenal. Not only did I receive lecture material in biology and chemistry, but I also made a lifelong connection with other students in the program who also are motivated. I was able to network with my professors, too, and experience what it was like to take tests without the fear of failing. At first I was kind of scared of boot camp, but I am so glad I did it."

ScienceFIT participant

Average one-year retention rate increase


NevadaFIT works!

NevadaFIT is modeled after "BIOS" -- a program that was established at Louisiana State University in 2005 to help freshmen biology majors successfully transition into college. It is appropriately referred to as a "boot camp" because it provides an intense and transformative introduction to what a college class is really like. BIOS has received national acclaim from organizations such as the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. It has been replicated at over 30 universities nationwide.

The University of Nevada, Reno is the first university to translate the academic boot camp to majors beyond the sciences turning it into the incredible program it is today!

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