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NevadaFIT has been cancelled

After careful consideration, the University has made the difficult decision to cancel the NevadaFIT program, which was scheduled to run August 16-21, 2020.

  • Why is NevadaFIT cancelled?

    The NevadaFIT program brings more than 3,500 new students and about 500 student mentors to campus the week before the fall semester begins. There is not a feasible way of hosting an effective program while maintaining proper social distancing in line with state directives. Students’ health and safety is our first and foremost priority.

  • Will TransferFIT still take place?

    The inaugural TransferFIT program is much smaller and can still take place on August 15-16, 2020. This program will have a limited capacity and is open to all transfer students. Please visit our TransferFIT page for more information.

  • Will the NevadaFIT class be removed from my schedule?

    Admissions and Records will automatically drop the NevadaFIT course from your schedule (SCI 109, ABNR 109, EDU 109, ENGR 109, BUS 109, COLA 109, JOUR 109, CHS 109, ACE 109). There is no student action required.

  • What if I needed the NevadaFIT credit to reach a required credit amount for the fall semester?

    If you may need additional academic credit, you will receive guidance from your academic advisor(s) at Summer Orientation.

  • Will the NevadaFIT fees be removed from my account?

    After the NevadaFIT course is removed from your schedule, it will take about one business day for you to see the one-credit registration and $250 course fee removed from your account on MyNevada. Any NevadaFIT fees already paid will be refunded as a credit on your account. Please reach out to the NevadaFIT Office if you do not see this adjustment by June 5th.

  • How will this decision impact the dorms and move-in?

    Details about Residence Hall Move-in will be shared by email with students living on-campus after August 1st.  We anticipate move-in occurring from Tuesday, August 18 through Saturday, August 22 where students will receive designated check-in time frames to maximize social distancing. With the nature of this pandemic impacting all facets of our lives, we are asking for your patience and flexibility as we continue to center students' health and safety (and that of their parents/families) in the move-in process.

  • Will Orientation still take place?

    Orientation is required for all first-year students and will be offered as a virtual program. Please visit the Orientation website for more information.

  • How will this decision impact Opening Ceremony and other Welcome Week events?

    Due to health and safety considerations, the Sunday evening Opening Ceremony is cancelled.

    Move-in dates will take place during the week of August 18. Move-in dates will be assigned by Residential Life, and you can learn more on the Residential Life website.

    The University continues to evaluate the COVID-19 situation and will provide ongoing direction related to large events. We encourage new students and others to closely follow communications from the University, which are updated continuously at the University's coronavirus website.

  • What will the fall semester look like?

    The University is working hard to resume an in-person fall semester with additional safety precautions in place. For the most up-to-date information, please visit the University's coronavirus website.

NevadaFIT is modeled after "BIOS" -- a program that was established at Louisiana State University in 2005 to help freshmen biology majors successfully transition into college. It is appropriately referred to as a "boot camp" because it provides an intense and transformative introduction to what a college class is really like. BIOS has received national acclaim from organizations such as the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. It has been replicated at over 30 universities nationwide.

The University of Nevada, Reno is the first university to translate the academic boot camp to majors beyond the sciences.

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NevadaFIT is required for all degree-seeking first year students admitted for Fall terms, regardless of academic credentials. Students will be auto-enrolled in the NevadaFIT course that aligns with their declared major. Each college on campus runs its own bootcamp, and there are ten total camps.

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"Doing NevadaFIT was the best thing I could've done to prepare me for freshman year. Not only did I get a sneak peek at what a rigorous college class is like, but I also made friends that I still talk to today. It was a great way to familiarize myself with the campus and different teachers, it's an opportunity everyone should take advantage of."

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