TransferFIT information

TransferFIT is an optional but recommended 15-week experiential learning course (ACE 310) specifically designed for transfer students to help ease the transition and welcome students to the University of Nevada, Reno.

The first week of TransferFIT takes place August 19-24, 2023 with in-person structured days. The goals for this first week are to connect students physically, academically, and socially on campus. The remaining 14 weeks will incorporate self-paced, asynchronous assignments and events to engage students with the campus and each other while learning to thrive in a 21st-century technology environment.

*This program is not designed for first-year students who enrolled in dual credit during high school. They must attend NevadaFIT.

ACE 310 course description

ACE 310 – TransferFIT
August 19-December 8
3 credits
Satisfies CO9 requirement (Science, Technology, and Society)

Course description: A 15-week, experiential course with in-person and self-guided expectations exclusively for transfer students. Students will work with a student mentor who was a transfer student and other new transfer students, practice using campus resources, and improve their digital literacy skills as it relates to being a student in the 21st century. The course begins with welcome activities and events during NevadaFIT week (August 19-24) and continues with self-paced, asynchronous content during the fall semester. Spots are limited and students must apply on the NevadaFIT website to be enrolled.

In this course, students will:

  • Get to know other transfer students
  • Work with a student mentor who was a transfer student
  • Become familiar with the University campus and resources
  • Practice identifying and utilizing student resources
  • Participate in campus events, such as Opening Ceremony
  • Attend transfer-focused sessions
  • Participate in the Digital Wolf Pack Initiative curriculum
  • Create an e-Portfolio, which is a high-impact practice (HIP) and contributes to student success

Applying to TransferFIT

TransferFIT is required for all transfer students living in the Transfer LLC. Transfer students who are not living in the Transfer LLC are not required to participate in TransferFIT but are strongly encouraged to apply. The benefits of TransferFIT include becoming familiar with campus, learning about campus resources, and creating a social network all before the semester begins. The deadline to apply is August 1. Students will be automatically enrolled in ACE 310 once the application has been received.

Apply to TransferFIT