NevadaFIT information

Designed to introduce students to the rigors of coursework and develop critical thinking, planning and study skills necessary for future success, NevadaFIT is a rigorous, yet exciting program that exposes students to what it is really like to attend the University of Nevada, Reno.

Students attend one of eleven college-based camps and participate in a collaborative learning experience by pairing with an undergraduate mentor in their selected major and moving into a study group known as a "Pack." Students also meet and engage with faculty, staff and fellow students in their academic major. They develop important relationships and friendships that can serve as ongoing support throughout their time at the university.

*All freshmen are required to attend NevadaFIT. This includes students who are applying during their senior year of high school with or without college coursework; or students who have already graduated high school and have no college coursework.

Academic preparation is vital

In NevadaFIT, students gain real-world exposure to a college classroom, in a low-stakes environment designed by one of the eleven college-based camps. Along with an understanding of daily coursework, students also take college-level examinations and receive feedback on how to improve their performance. With a focus on academic readiness, NevadaFIT walks students through experiential learning and research opportunities that can enhance their time at the University. In the end, students are equipped with new tools to manage their time and course loads, be active note-takers and have exam preparation skills that will benefit them over the next four years and beyond. Data shows that students have an overall increase in confidence due to NevadaFIT. Moreover, students report appreciating the opportunity to experience college lectures and exams in a low-stakes environment prior to starting classes.

Benefits for NevadaFIT students

  • Experience the rigor and pacing of a real college class
  • Receive one college credit
  • Move into dorm room early
  • Become familiar with the university campus
  • Get an introduction to student resources, such as Canvas (our online learning platform), the Student Health Center, Counseling Services, the Writing and Speaking Center and SO much more!
  • Connect with other incoming students who have similar academic interests and career goals
  • Network with successful peer mentors and learn from actual faculty in their major
  • Learn if your major selection is right for you, or narrow down your choices of major if you have not declared one yet
  • Explore campus before classes begin

NevadaFIT schedule

All NevadaFIT students are required to be on campus no later than 3 p.m., Saturday, August 17, 2024. The information below is subject to change. Find out more about opening weekend.

  • 8/15-18: Opening Weekend (families invited)
    • 8/15-8/17: Residence hall move-in assigned by day
    • 8/15-8/17: NevadaFIT check-in and iPad distribution
    • 8/17: Opening Ceremony at Mackay Stadium
    • 8/18: NevadaFIT Camp Welcomes, DWPI iPad Training, Pack Meetings
  • 8/19-22: NevadaFIT full days. Approximately 7 a.m.-9 p.m.

Prepare for NevadaFIT

NevadaFIT is August 17-22, 2024.


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