How to enroll in NevadaFIT

NevadaFIT is intended for all incoming freshmen students regardless of academic credentials. You will be automatically enrolled in the NevadaFIT course that corresponds to your major and it should appear on your MyNevada schedule as a 109 course.

What bootcamp do I participate in?

Students will participate in the camp run by the college their major falls under (see below). Please contact the NevadaFIT office if you are enrolled in a camp that does not match your major.

Exploratory majors

Exploratory majors students are still required to participate in NevadaFIT, and can request a bootcamp of interest. This is a unique opportunity to try out a course of study for a week. Many students end up declaring a major at the end of NevadaFIT. Exploratory majors students also have the option to participate in a camp designed specifically for those who would like to explore major options called ExplorationFIT. 

NevadaFIT Academic Programs

  • ExplorationFIT

    Students with exploratory majors are automatically enrolled into ACE 109.


    Students with declared majors in the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources will be automatically enrolled into ABNR 109.

    CABNR academic programs

    • Agricultural Science
    • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
    • Biotechnology (B.S./M.S.)
    • Ecohydrology
    • Environmental Science
    • Forest Management & Ecology
    • Nutrition (Dietetics)
    • Nutrition (Nutritional Sciences)
    • Rangeland Ecology & Management
    • Veterinary Science
    • Wildlife Ecology & Conservation
    • NV Teach Agricultural Science
    • NV Teach MBI

    "CABNR-FIT was a lot of fun; it was intense and informational. It helped me get into the groove of college lifestyle, make some friends with students of similar majors and upperclassmen mentors, and better understand what professors expect from me. If given the choice, I would definitely do it again."

    CABNR-FIT participant

  • BizFIT

    Students with declared majors in the College of Business will be automatically enrolled into BUS 109.

    Business academic programs

    • Accounting
    • Accounting and Information Systems
    • Business (General)
    • Business (Pre-Business)
    • Economics (B.A.)
    • Economics (B.S.)
    • Finance
    • Information Systems
    • International Business
    • Management
    • Marketing

    "BizFit really helped me prepare as a college student and allowed me to get into the college lifestyle before it actually started. I learned how to address my professors and what they would expect from me. Building relationships with the other NevadaFIT delegates I feel was the most helpful for me, and it gave me a face to look for my first few weeks of school. Overall, my experience as a NevadaFIT delegate was amazing and it most definitely prepared me for the coming year!"

    BizFIT participant

  • E-FIT

    Students with declared majors in the College of Engineering are automatically enrolled into ENGR 109.

    Engineering academic programs

    • Chemical Engineering (Biomedical Emphasis)
    • Chemical Engineering (Extractive Metallurgy Emphasis)
    • Chemical Engineering (Materials Science & Engineering Emphasis)
    • Chemical Engineering (Process and Energy Engineering Emphasis)
    • Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Computer Science and Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Engineering Physics
    • Engineering Undeclared
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Materials Science & Engineering
    • Materials Science & Engineering (Metallurgy)
    • Materials Science (Nuclear)
    • Mechanical Engineering

    "I enjoyed meeting other engineers before the start of the school year during E-FIT. I think that early exposure to the University and the opportunity to move in early helped me a lot; it alleviated the stress of having to learn everything in the short span of the first week. I was pleasantly surprised by the lessons provided in finance, engineering principles, and self-awareness. They have helped me monitor my credit and spending, consider time, cost, and quality in production, and gain a deeper understanding of my own morals and decision making process. I was also thoroughly impressed by the presentation given by the Mechanical Engineer with the 3.97 GPA. It gave me an idea of how seriously to take classes and how to study."

    E-FIT participant

  • FIT2Care

    Students with majors in the College of Education are automatically enrolled into EDU 109. Please Note: The NV Teach and Pack Teach Dual Majors below have the option to select between two camps. NV Teach Science majors are required to do ScienceFIT.

    FIT2CARE academic programs

    • Elementary Education
    • Secondary Education
    • Human Development & Family Studies
    • NV Teach Agricultural Science
    • NV Teach MBI
    • Pack Teach Dual English
    • Pack Teach Dual Political Science
    • Pack Teach Dual History
    • Pack Teach Dual Spanish

    "Doing NevadaFIT was the best thing I could've done to prepare me for freshman year. Not only did I get a sneak peek at what a rigorous college class is like, but I also made friends that I still talk to today. It was a great way to familiarize myself with the campus and different teachers, it's an opportunity everyone should take advantage of."

  • HealthFIT

    Students with majors in the School of Public Health and School of Nursing are automatically enrolled into CHS 109.

    HealthFIT academic programs

    • Community Health Sciences (Kinesiology)
    • Community Health Sciences (Public Health)
    • Pre-Nursing
    • Medicine, School of (B.S. /M.D.)
    • Nursing (B.S.N.)
    • Nursing (R.N. to B.S.N.)
    • Pre-Nursing
    • Speech Pathology & Audiology

    "The program helped me become familiar with the campus so I had a better idea of where to go on the first few days. It also gave me an idea of what classes would be like so I could be more prepared. I think the study skills that I obtained were very helpful. One thing that was somewhat beneficial in the end, but was one of my least favorite parts, was that we had to stay up so late to be able to work on everything we needed to work on. It was so exhausting and made it harder to be away from home for the first time. But, it was somewhat beneficial because it helped us to learn the importance of time management and gave us a feel for what some of the late-nights would be like."

    HealthFIT participant

  • J-FIT

    Students with declared majors in the School of Journalism will be automatically enrolled into JOUR 109.

    J-FIT academic programs

    • News, broadcasting & documentary
    • Public relations & advertising
    • Film & media production
    • Spanish-language media
    • Media studies
    • Visual communication

    "The most helpful part of the J-FIT program was being able to create an early relationship with the professors and faculty. Everyone is very nice and always willing to help, as so long as you are kind and respectful. There is never a need to be fearful to ask anyone anything because they are all so willing and excited to answer. I've never met such enthusiastic and kind facilitators in all my life. The relationship I created with the students, my peers were very important because you make friends instantly. Those friends are in the same field as you, taking generally the same classes as you, which makes it helpful to be able to work together, study together, and begin to create connections."

    J-FIT participant

  • LiberalArtsFIT

    Students with declared majors in the College of Liberal Arts will be automatically enrolled into COLA 109.

    LiberalArtsFIT academic programs

    • Anthropology
    • Applied Instrumental Music
    • Applied Jazz Music
    • Applied Voice Music
    • Art (BA, BFA)
    • Art (Art History Specialization)
    • Fine Arts
    • Art History
    • Communication Studies
    • Criminal Justice
    • Criminal Justice (Law and Justice Specialization)
    • Dance
    • English
    • English (Language & Linguistics)
    • English (Literature)
    • English (Writing)
    • French
    • Gender, Race, and Identity
    • History
    • International Affairs
    • Music
    • Music Education
    • Musical Theatre
    • Philosophy
    • Philosophy (Ethics, Law, Politics Specialization)
    • Political Science
    • Sociology
    • Spanish
    • Spanish (Language and Society)
    • Spanish (Literature and Culture)
    • Spanish (Spanish through the Professions Specialization)
    • Theatre
    • Theatre (Acting Specialization)
    • Theatre (Design/Technology Specialization)
    • Pack Teach Secondary Education and English
    • Pack Teach Secondary Education and History
    • Pack Teach Secondary Education and Political Science
    • Pack Teach Secondary Education and Spanish

    "The faculty and mentors were so incredibly helpful and kind not only academically, but wanted to improve our lives as a whole. They were a lot more personal than I expected and it made the program such a great experience."

    LiberalArtsFIT participant

  • ScienceFIT

    Students with declared majors under the College of Science will be automatically be enrolled into SCI 109. 

    ScienceFIT academic programs

    • Atmospheric Sciences
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Geography (B.A.)
    • Geography (B.S.)
    • Geological Engineering
    • Geology
    • Geophysics
    • Hydrogeology
    • Mathematics (Applied Math B.A.)
    • Mathematics (Applied Math B.S.)
    • Mathematics (Discrete Math/Operations Research B.A.)
    • Mathematics (Discrete Math/Operations Research B.S.)
    • Mathematics (General Math B.A.)
    • Mathematics (General Math B.S.)
    • Mathematics (Statistics B.A.)
    • Mathematics (Statistics B.S.)
    • Metallurgical Engineering
    • Mining Engineering
    • Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
    • Neuroscience
    • Physics
    • Psychology (Behavior Analysis)
    • Psychology (General)
    • Psychology (Research)
    • NV Teach ATMS
    • NV Teach Biology
    • NV Teach Chemistry
    • NV Teach Env Science
    • NV Teach Geography
    • NV Teach Math
    • NV Teach Physics

    "It was phenomenal. Not only did I receive lecture material in biology and chemistry, but I also made a lifelong connection with other students in the program who also are motivated. I was able to network with my professors, too, and experience what it was like to take tests without the fear of failing. At first I was kind of scared of boot camp, but I am so glad I did it."


  • SoWFIT

    Students with declared majors under the School of Social Work will be automatically be enrolled into ACE 109.

    SoWFIT academic programs

    • Social Work