How to enroll in NevadaFIT

NevadaFIT is intended for all incoming freshmen students regardless of academic credentials. You will be automatically enrolled in the NevadaFIT course that corresponds to your major and it should appear on your MyNevada schedule as a 109 course.

What bootcamp do I participate in?

Students will participate in the camp run by the college their major falls under (see below). Please contact the NevadaFIT office if you are enrolled in a camp that does not match your major.

Exploratory majors

Exploratory majors students are still required to participate in NevadaFIT, and can request a bootcamp of interest. This is a unique opportunity to try out a course of study for a week. Many students end up declaring a major at the end of NevadaFIT. Exploratory majors students also have the option to participate in a camp designed specifically for those who would like to explore major options called ExplorationFIT. 

NevadaFIT Academic Programs