Mentor information

Pack Mentors are assigned a group of seven students in the same NevadaFIT boot camp. Packs and Pack Mentors are an important part of the NevadaFIT experience and the intensive transition to the university. This is their Pack throughout the week of NevadaFIT. We encourage our Pack members to establish close relationships with their mentors and with the other members in their Pack. Doing so helps them build a supportive network for one another as they experience the same challenges and celebrate their successes throughout NevadaFIT.

Pack mentor expectations

Pack Mentors are crucial to the overall success of NevadaFIT and the individual success of NevadaFIT participants. They are expected to be an academic and social role-model, helping guide students through their intensive transition to the University. Through this role, mentors will serve as a liaison between students, faculty and University staff.

Mentor duties are focused on student-success and include the following examples:

  • Facilitate study groups, academic skills workshops and Pack Mentor sessions
  • Help pack members learn to manage stress and balance academic and social obligations
  • Help students take advantage of campus resources and assist with referrals, when necessary (e.g. Academic advisor, Counseling Services)
  • Help Pack members to understand their assignments and syllabi
  • Assist with navigating Canvas and other learning management systems
  • Evaluate Pack members' participation and engagement in NevadaFIT

Pack Mentors are not expected to be tutors, but instead a resource for NevadaFIT participants to learn how to balance their academic, professional and social obligations, navigate campus resources, build solid time and study habits, and understand academic expectations at the University.

Benefits of becoming a Pack Mentor

Pack Mentors earn a stipend to help pay for their own education. Beyond a stipend, from developing leadership skills to developing long-lasting relations with faculty and staff in your academic major, spending time as a Pack Mentor has intrinsic benefits. Along with enhancing their resume for future employers, Pack Mentors make a significant impact on both NevadaFIT participants and the University of Nevada, Reno community.

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