Top Hat for students

Top Hat is available at the University of Nevada, Reno to enhance your classroom experience with real-time polling and attendance taking. Whether you participate on a smart phone, a tablet, or a laptop, Top Hat allows you to engage in class activities via an app or web browser.

As a student enrolled in a course utilizing Top Hat, you gain automatic access to an account that is offered free of charge through a university-wide site license.

Explore the links and resources below for support topics and step-by-step instructions for activating Top Hat for the first time:

Using Top Hat for the first time

Step 1: Navigate to the WebCampus course in which Top Hat will be used.

Step 2: Click on the Top Hat link on the course navigation menu. You may be prompted to search for your School. Enter 'University of Nevada' and select University of Nevada - Reno from the list.

Step 3: For new users, click on Create and sign up for a student account. Follow the on screen prompts to complete the registration process.

For existing users, log in, and your will be asked to select the course from the list.

Top Hat system requirements

Top Hat is able to run on a web browser (laptop, computer, mobile device) or through a dedicated app (phone or tablet). For more information, see the Top Hat System Requrements page.

Submitting attendance on Top Hat

Please see the following article on submitting attendance through Top Hat.

Answering questions on Top Hat

Please see the following article on answering questions on Top Hat.

Using the gradebook on Top Hat

Please see the following overview of the Top Hat gradebook. The gradebook in Top Hat represents a record of submissions for content which is presented in class through the Top Hat interface.