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Copying a course from another WebCampus course

Learn how to copy a course from one semester to the next.

Importing content into your course from a course export .zip file

Learn how to upload files and materials from a .zip file.

Modules as an organizational structure

An introduction to the main organizational structure for Canvas. Modules create the structure through which students interact with your pages, discussion boards, quizzes, assignments and more.

Populating your module structure with content

Learn how to add files, pages, assignments, quizzes, discussion boards and more to your course within the module structure.

Uploading files in your course

Learn how to upload and maintain a list of files in your course for access by you or your students.

Creating a new content page

Content pages represent the core of many courses in WebCampus and can be used to create instructional content and even an attractive landing page for your course. Learn more.

Creating an announcement

Announcements are an important way to get critical information communicated to students within your course. Learn how to create them.

Create discussions in WebCampus

Learn how to create and maintain student discussion boards in your course.

Creating an online assignment

Learn how to create and configure assignment drop-boxes for online graded student submissions.

Creating an online quiz

Learn how to create and configure online quizzes in your course.

Creating a graded column for offline assignments

Learn how to create a column for manually entering grades for in-class student submissions.

Creating accessible content in Canvas

Learn how to ensure your WebCampus content meets the mandatory accessibility guidelines with universal design that benefits all students.

Integrating grades with MyNevada

Learn how to directly upload final grades in WebCampus directly into MyNEVADA.