The quiz tool is used to create and administer online quizzes, surveys, and exams. Quizzes can be set up for manual and automatic grading and both graded and ungraded quizzes are options. This page provides an introduction to the Quizzes tool, with additional notes on Quiz settings and Question types. 

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Quizzes overview

The Quiz tool in WebCampus can help faculty to integrate frequent assessment of student learning in their courses.

In this video, you will learn how to create and manage quizzes in a Canvas course:

View the Quizzes overview video

See Canvas guides for step-by-step tutorials and additional information 


Quiz settings

To set up the settings on a Quiz you’ll select Edit then the Details tab. After you provide Quiz Instructions you’ll select Quiz Type and link to the Assignment Group.

Quiz Type allows you to choose from four different types of quizzes:

  • A graded quiz is the most common quiz and rewards points to students based on their quiz responses.
  • A practice quiz is a learning tool to see how well users understand course material without providing a grade.
  • A graded survey rewards points to students for completing a survey but grading is not based on right or wrong answers.
  • An ungraded survey obtains opinions or other information without providing a grade.

Additional settings:

  • Under Options you can select shuffle answers if you’d like multiple choice answers to be randomly re-ordered for each student.
  • Set at time limit in minutes if you plan to have the quiz be timed.
  • You can choose to allow multiple attempts, select which score to keep—the highest, the most recent, or the average of all attempts—and set the number of allowed attempts.
  • You can also choose to let student see their quiz responses. Letting them see their responses only once after each attempt will give them the opportunity to see how they answers only one time. You can opt to let students see the correct answers or not, and choose the window of availability for students to view the correct answers.
  • Show one question at a time will present one question on the screen at a time; otherwise the test will contain all questions one after another in a long scrolling page.
  • Quiz Restrictions include setting up an access code or password; this would be helpful if you are creating a proctored test for which a proctor would enter the password to begin the test. You can also filter IP addresses so that the quiz would only be available in certain allowed locations.
  • Finally set the assignment dates—you can choose for the quiz to be available to everyone or to any individual or group within the class. You can set up the due date and also the availability dates.
  • Once you have set your quiz details up, you can save or save and publish but you might want to wait to save and publish until you have filled in your quiz questions.

Question types

The following question types are available in WebCampus Quizzes. Click on each link to learn more about the question type and how to create questions of that type in WebCampus.

Note: if you teach a course that involves numbers in any way from simple addition up through advanced algebra and trigonometry, please take a few minutes and view the Numerical Answer and Formula (simple formula and single variable) question types.