Collaborative tools

Beyond Discussions, WebCampus includes two other tools that can be used for student collaboration on assignments and activities: Groups and Collaborations. This page discusses how to use the Groups and Collaborations tools.

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Groups are like a smaller version of your course and are used as a collaborative tool or workspace. Students may create their own groups, and/or instructors may create and add students to a group as part of your course. The Groups tool can also be used to randomly assign students to groups for in-class and out-of-class work.

In Groups, students can:

  • Contact each other
  • Share files
  • Discuss assignment tasks and other topics
  • Work on writing assignments with other students
  • Submit group assignments

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Collaborations (Google Docs)

Collaborations integrate Google Docs to create collaborative documents that are accessible from within Canvas. Free online web tools like Google Docs are excellent collaborative tools for students to use on shared notes, group projects or papers, etc. Instructors and/or students can set up group collaborations of up to 50 participants within WebCampus Collaborations or in Google Drive. Note that each collaborator in a given document (including Instructor and TAs) will need a Google account and will need to register their Google account the first time they click on a Collaboration. For students, campus email addresses are currently associated with Google and will work, but faculty may need to create a Google account for this purpose.

Step-by-step tutorials and additional information

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Collaborations strategies