WebCampus FAQ

  • Why can't I log into WebCampus

    WebCampus uses the same NetID and password that you use to log into your office computer or connect to the University wifi on your laptop or mobile device. Make sure you are clicking the large grey button that says "Click Here to login to WebCampus with your NetID" and enter your NetID and password when prompted. If you are having difficulties logging into WebCampus or other campus resources, contact the Computing Help Desk at (775) 682-5000. The Help Desk also offers a self-service portal for NetID issues.

  • My students are telling me they can't see my content or quiz, but I know I posted it. What is going wrong?

    Individual content items and elements in your course need to be published in order for them to be seen. Make sure you click on the cloud icon next to your content item or quiz to make it available.

  • How do I make my course available to students?

    Course availability in Canvas is determined by two-factors: the publish course button, and the term dates. In order for students to see your course in Canvas, the course must be published. To publish your course, go to the Home item on your course menu. On the right side of the screen click the Publish button. Once the course is published, it will become available when the term starts.

  • How do I use a test student?

    To view your course in student view, click on Settings at the bottom of the course menu and click Student View from the list of buttons on the right side of the screen. In student view, you can interact with the course and see it just how students see it. Your interactions will be saved under the name Test Student that will show up in the course gradebook.

  • How do I combine multiple sections of my course into one?

    To merge multiple sections of a course into one course, contact the Instructional Design Team at (775) 682-6798 or email

  • How do I add my TA?

    Canvas allows instructors to add their own TAs, Co-instructors, Observers and Guests into their courses. The person whom you wish to add to one of these roles must have a NetID. Those added as co-instructors or TAs in the course will have access to student grade information. It is your responsibility to ensure that they have received FERPA training prior to granting them access to the course.

    To add a TA or co-instructor click on the People in the course navigation menu. In the upper right hand corner, click on the + People button. In the window that opens, type the NetID of the person you would like to add to your course, select the role from the drop-down menu, and click Next. Click on the Add Users button and then click Done to complete the process.

  • How do I copy my course forward to a new semester?

    When you your next semester’s course shell becomes available, you may pull content from a previous course into that shell.

    To copy your course, enter the course you wish to copy content into. Click on Settings at the bottom of the course menu. Click on Import Content into this Course from the list of buttons on the right side of the screen and select Copy a Canvas Course from the Content Type drop-down menu. In the drop-down menu next to the Search for a course, select the course which you want to copy content from. Choose to select either All content or Select specific content, and click on the Import button. Canvas will either import all content from the source course, or allow you to check boxes for specific content to copy across.

  • How do I customize what is displayed on my course menu?

    Items on the course navigation menu cannot be renamed, nor can additional items be added. However, they can be hidden from students and they can be arranged to display in a different order. To hide or move items around on the course menu, go to Settings and click on the Navigation tab. You may click and grad to move items around, or drag them to the very bottom of the screen under the heading “Drag items here to hide them from students” to make them visible only to you.

  • A student who is supposed to be enrolled in my course does not show up in my roster. Why not?

    Student enrollments are processed three times a day (excluding weekends), if you do not see a student they will likely show up later in the day. If there continues to be a problem with the student’s enrollment 24 hours after you are made aware of the problem please contact the Instructional Design Team at (775) 682-6798 or email

  • My students are able to submit their assignments more than once. How do I prevent that?

    By default, Canvas allows for unlimited submissions of assignments. There is no way, currently, to restrict the number of times a student submits an assignment. You will be shown the latest student assignment submission when you grade, but you have the ability to see earlier submissions as well. IDT is working with Canvas to see if this setting can be changed.

  • I have a student who needs access to my course to resolve an 'incomplete' grade from last semester. How do I add them?

    To take care of this special enrollment, contact the Instructional Design Team at (775) 682-6798 or email