FAQs about Turnitin

  • My students say they are having problems submitting to my Turnitin assignment. What should I do?

    Check the Turnitin Settings for the assignment, which you will see under the “Settings” tab when you click on the assignment. The most common problems are with the dates/times. If it’s before the begin date/time or after the due date/time, then students will not be able to submit. You can “allow late submissions,” but this will only apply to late initial submissions, not late resubmissions. Keep in mind that the Turnitin date/time settings override the Canvas assignment date/time settings.

    Next troubleshoot on the student side:

  • Why do I receive an error when I attempt to view a Turnitin assignment in Student View?

    Turnitin is an LTI tool without Student View integration. If needed, you can create your own student account to be able to view the assignment as a student, just contact idt@unr.edu for assistance.

  • What percentage of matching in the Turnitin report constitutes plagiarism?

    Turnitin does not determine whether a paper has been plagiarized. Turnitin is just a tool to help users determine if plagiarism has occurred. Turnitin reports show potential areas of plagiarism, but these need to be interpreted by an instructor. By clicking on a highlighted section of a report, users can compare the student’s language to the source to which it was matched. See Similarity Report scoring scenarios for five scenarios which may cause confusion when trying to interpret the report.

  • I didn’t set up an assignment in WebCampus with Turnitin, but now I’d like to run a few student papers through Turnitin to see the Similarity Report. Is there a way for faculty to “direct submit” a paper to Turnitin?
    1. Go to  Turnitin's website
    2. Click the Log in link in the upper right corner
    3. Click the Forgot Password link
    4. On the next page make sure to enter the email address you have set up with Canvas, and your last name.  You will be emailed a link to set a new password.  This password will just be for TurnItIn and will allow you to log in directly.
    5. Now you can log in to Turnitin and use it to check documents outside of Canvas.
    6. At this point we suggest clicking on the User Info link at the top of the page, and set Activate Quick Submit to Yes (and save). This will add a Quick Submit tab to your TurnItIn interface which makes it easy to upload files directly without creating an assignment.
    7. Use the Quick Submit feature to run the Similarity Report for each paper.
  • Can I use Turnitin to check on graduate student or faculty work?

    Turnitin is a plagiarism detection tool optimized for use in classroom settings. It can be used in graduate student courses, but it is not recommended for use in checking graduate grant proposals, articles prior to submission for publication, thesis, or dissertations. 

    iThenticate is a plagiarism detection tool designed to assist academic authors in avoiding plagiarism and copyright infringement when preparing items for submission to journals, conferences, and funding agencies.  This program is often used by publishers to check originality of submitted articles prior to publication. Papers reviewed using this service are NOT added to or indexed in any other database and remain the proprietary property of the individual author.  Please note: The University does not have a campus subscription to iThenticate.