Submitting a video as an assignment in WebCampus

  1. Login in to WebCampus (Canvas).
  2. Browse to the course and go to the assignment. Assignments are typically located in a Module or in the Assignment section, depending on how your instructor has set up their course.
  3. Click on the Assignment title
  4. On the next screen, click the Submit Assignment button/link.
  5. In the area that expands, click on the blue chevron (link) and select Embed Kaltura Media from the drop-down menu in the Text Editor
  6. In the window that opens, you have three options:
    • Upload a new video (from a saved file. Such as .mp4, .mpg, etc.). For the purposes of these instructions, we will use this option
    • Attach an existing video. This would be a video you already uploaded to My Media or as part of another assignment)
    • Create a video using Kaltura Capture. (This is an app that allows you to record your screen and/or webcam
  7. Click on the Add New drop-down and select Media Upload
  8. On the Upload Media window, click on the + Choose a file to upload button/link
  9. Browse to the file you would like to upload from your computer and click the Open button/link
  10. In the Upload Media window, update the Name of the video (if needed), add a Description to the video (not required) and any relevant Tags (not required)
  11. Click on the Save button/link
  12. Click the Back to Browse and Embed link
  13. Click on the Select button/link adjacent to your video
  14. Your Video should now be embedded in your submission text window
  15. Add any text as required by your instructor and click the Submit Assignment button/link to submit your assignment.

 Videos take some time to process depending on the length and quality of the video. If your video shows in your submission but does not play, please allow five to ten minutes for it to process.

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