Creating a video assignment in WebCampus

  1. Login in to WebCampus (Canvas)
  2. Browse to the course where you would like to place the assignment
  3. Click on Assignments in the Course Menu
  4. Click on the + Assignment button (link) to create a new Assignment.
  5. Enter a name for the Assignment in the "Assignment Name" field
  6. Use the text editor to add any instructions for the assignment. Student instructions on how to turn in a video assignment are available for you to distribute to your class from IDT. Contact for more information or download them from our website.
  7. Enter Points, assign an Assignment group (by default it will be in "Assignments") and choose how the grade will be displayed
  8. Under "Submission Type" select Online and check the box next to Text Entry. This is very important. Do not use Media Recordings or File Uploads. Using this method allows you to view the videos online without having to download the videos to your computer and resolves most format issues that could cause technical problems with video file formats.
  9. Check the information boxes next to Group Assignment and Peer Reviews, as appropriate for your assignment
  10. Under "Assign" select to whom you would like to assign the assignment and any availability & due dates
  11. Click the Save & Publish button (link)(or just the Save button if you do not want the assignment to be published for student access at this time

This assignment setup will work with both video files students need to turn in (i.e. *.mp4, *.mpg, *.wmv etc.) and with Kaltura Capture created videos. Kaltura Capture is the webcam/screen recording software that is part of Kaltura. For more information about Kaltura Capture contact

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