Video in WebCampus

Kaltura offers an integrated full-featured video platform within WebCampus. Since Kaltura is fully integrated into WebCampus, there is no new software to download and install, allowing you to use this tool wherever you have access to the Internet.

Kaltura is intended for streaming delivery only. Videos are re-encoded and source files are not stored. Videos that are un-played for greater than a year are categorized for possible deletion. For these reasons, we recommend that you always keep copies of your originals.

Student content is removed from Kaltura 120 days after the end of the semester in which it was created/uploaded.

Mac and Safari browser users

When accessing My Media, you may see a warning that 3rd party session cookies are blocked. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox to avoid this issue. If you want to continue using Safari, you can choose Safari > Preferences, then click Privacy and choose Always Allow. You can reverse this process to restore the previous security settings when finished.

Kaltura information for faculty

Kaltura basics

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Share content

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Student assignments

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Screen recordings

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Kaltura information for students

Uploading media assignments with Kaltura

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Using Kaltura with the discussion board

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