Online test proctoring

Online exam proctoring with Proctorio

Proctorio is a fully- automated online proctoring software that uses the Chrome browser to monitor student test-taking behavior. It offers students a secure and convenient way to take proctored exams online. The University of Nevada, Reno has adopted Proctorio as our new online proctoring service provider to ensure the academic integrity of online exams. All online courses can use Proctorio for high stake exams.

Every online course must include at least one mandatory exam that is administered in a proctored setting. The University of Nevada, Reno has a policy on how to handle finals for semester-based online courses, which can be reviewed in the University Administrative Manual, Section 3,517.

How Proctorio works

Proctorio is integrated with the Quiz tool in WebCampus (Canvas). It only works in the Google Chrome browser with the Proctorio extension installed. Faculty and students access Proctorio directly from their courses on WebCampus. All proctored exam sessions are recorded and the recordings are available for faculty to review in WebCampus.

For Proctorio to work properly, both faculty and students need to install the Google Chrome browser on their computers, and add the Proctorio extension to the Chrome browser. For detailed information and instruction, please refer to following guides for faculty and students.

Resources for students

Students need a webcam and a microphone connected to their computer in order to take an exam using Proctorio. Tablets will NOT work. Wired internet connection is highly recommended. The exam can be taken at any time during the exam availability window.

Resources for faculty

Proctorio can be enabled under course Settings on WebCampus. Faculty members using Proctorio are recommended to add the information on Proctorio in the course syllabus and on WebCampus.

Using Proctorio as a lock-down browser

Proctorio's features can be scaled back so that it works only as a lock-down browser for high-stakes exams. A "lock-down" browser restricts some functionality during an exam.

Online Proctoring service fee

This online proctoring service is intended for online course only. The cost of the service $10 per exam per student, and is covered by online course fee ($34/credit) students have paid. Details on online learning special course fee can be found in University Administrative Manual (UAM 3,503).

Policy for student identity verification

Accreditation standard 2.D.14: "The institution maintains an effective identity verification process for students enrolled in distance education courses and programs to establish that the student enrolled in the distance education course or program is the same person whose achievements are evaluated and credentialed. The institution ensures the identity verification process for distance education students protects student privacy and that students are informed, in writing at the time of enrollment, of current and projected charges associated with the identity verification process."

What's required for compliance: One proctored/supervised exam or experience per course where students are required to present photo identification upon signing in for the proctored experience or test. This system allows the instructor to know that the student mastering the material is the same student receiving credit for the course. For alternatives to proctored exams, see additional information on student identity verification.