Proctored examinations

Rigorous testing policies and procedures are required of an accredited university. Therefore, every online learning course must include at least one mandatory exam that is administered in a proctored/supervised setting.

Students may choose from the following options:

  • Test in person at the 365 Learning testing room on the University of Nevada, Reno campus
  • Test remotely via an online proctoring system.

Students are required to take all proctored exams. Students may not retake proctored exams under any circumstance. Exams must be taken during the week listed in the syllabus. Early and late examinations are not permitted. Failure to take the exam during the exam week will result in a failing grade on the exam.

Identification for testing

Regardless of which proctoring option students choose, they will need to confirm their identity by presenting picture identification prior to the start of the exam. The only forms of identification acceptable for testing include the following:

  • A driver’s license, state-issued photo identification card
  • Passport
  • University of Nevada, Reno Wolf Card 

No other forms of ID will be accepted. The ID must be original and valid, all text must be readable and the picture must be clearly visible. Faded Wolf Cards and expired or invalidated driver licenses, ID cards and passports will not be accepted.

Identification and testing remotely

If testing remotely, a picture of the ID will be taken for review by 365 Learning and the instructor. Students will not be notified if their ID is unacceptable upon checking in for an exam. It is their responsibility to ensure that the ID meets the specifications stated above. If 365 Learning determines that the form of ID presented is unacceptable, the exam will be invalidated.

Testing at 365 Learning

Appointments are required. Students who wish to take their exams in the 365 Learning testing room must schedule an appointment at least two weeks in advance through RegisterBlast (available in the course site). The schedule fills up fast! If students cannot find an appointment time that works with their schedule, they should contact 365 Learning at (775) 784-4652 or email immediately.

RegisterBlast will show what testing hours are available for the week of the proctored exam. Most weeks, the testing room is open Monday through Friday from 7:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Students should check RegisterBlast for available days and hours the week of their test. If they have chosen the last timeslot of the day and arrive late to their testing appointment, the allowed exam time will be reduced. Any cancellations and reschedules must be made online; no cancellations or reschedules will be allowed over the phone or in person.

Early check-ins and drop-in appointments are discouraged

365 Learning may not be able to accommodate early check-ins to exam appointments or drop-in appointments. These last-minute changes will only be permitted if the testing schedule allows them. Drop-in exam appointments are strongly discouraged and will only be accommodated if space allows.

Testing remotely

Students who choose to test remotely must have access to the following prior to testing:

  • A WolfCard or a valid government-issued picture ID (originals only) for identity verification.
  • Compatible browser and any necessary extensions (specific requirements available in the course site).
  • A webcam and microphone connected to their computer. iPads and other tablets cannot be used and headphones are not permitted.
  • A mirror at least 3×5" (inches) in size. They will be required to show the reflection of their computer monitor and webcam using a mirror.
  • Strong Internet connection (wired Internet connection is strongly recommended).
  • A private, quiet space in which to take the exam.
  • A desk or table clear of all unauthorized materials.