How to prevent Zoombombing

Zoombombing is a new form of internet trolling in which an unwelcomed participant joins a Zoom meeting with the purpose of being disruptive and/or offensive. The trolls often have no affiliation with University.

The University has recently put in place additional security settings to help reduce the likelihood of these incidents.

  • We have forced waiting rooms on for all new meetings. This will allow authenticated users to automatically enter the meeting room. User without University of Nevada, Reno Zoom accounts will need the instructor to permit them. We recommend all student visit the University's Zoom portal to set up their accounts if they have not done so already.
  • We have changed the default setting for meeting to limited to authenticated users only. This setting can be changed by the meeting scheduler to best suit their needs.

Please use the strategies and settings recommended below to limit the opportunities for your course to be “bombed”.

Zoom Classroom Management Strategies

Recommended Zoom meeting settings