Peer review

In WebCampus, peer review can be assigned along with Assignments or Discussions. Both types of peer review enable students to comment on their peers’ posts and use a rubric as a guide to giving other students feedback. This page explains how to use both types of peer review. 

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Peer review assignment

The Peer Review tool enables students to provide feedback on another student's assignment submission in WebCampus. When the Peer Review option is checked in the Assignment settings, students are able to review their peer's assignment submission and leave comments. You can either manually assign peer reviewers or let the system auto-assign them for you, and the reviewer/reviewed can be anonymous. You can add a Rubric to the assignment (recommended) for students to use when assessing their peer's work.

For students, the peer review assignment will display the peer reviews the student is assigned in the right sidebar on the assignment page. Students will only see the papers they are assigned to review. The annotation tools will be available when the students makes the comments and uses the rubric. The annotation tools are not available if peer review is anonymous.

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Peer review discussions

Similar to using Peer Review in an assignment, Peer Review can be used in discussion to enable students to provide feedback on another student's discussion post. It is an option in a graded discussion, which can be checked to allow for peer review and feedback. A peer review discussion can be a group discussion. The review of a discussion, unlike that of an assignment, cannot be anonymous. (Note: Canvas does not automatically assign reviews among students within a group.)

For students, a peer review discussion will display the peer reviews the student is assigned above the description area of the discussion topic. In the discussion list the peer review icon will display next to peer review discussions. The annotation tools will not be available to students.

Step-by-step tutorials and additional information