Health Sciences

Photo of New LLC Building

Health Sciences

Available to all first-year students with a declared major within the School of Community Health Sciences. Students involved in this community will take an introductory course together as directed by their academic advisor (CHS 101). The community will facilitate the opportunity for students to interact with other students who share a course of study and career aspirations.

Health Sciences Living Learning Community students will also be placed in LLC specific math and English sections and will be provided with a group forum to augment their academic life as well as provide for both study and social activities. The Community Health Sciences (CHS) major is advised for individuals interested in the nursing path.

By the end of the academic year, students in the Health Science LLC will:

  • Be able to pull and understand their academic advising report in MyNevada 
  • Create a four year plan within the MyNevada system 
  • Learn tips on how to study for science courses and how to be a successful health science student

“I had some of the best times in the LLC. I met my best friends and future study partners.”

Mariana Kesovija, Major: Public Health, Health Sciences LLC

“I was extremely lucky to have been placed in the LLC. I met the best friends I’ve ever had, and they helped me to push through classes to achieve the academic standards that I was striving for.”

Sarah White, Major: Public Health, Health Sciences LLC

“There’s always a welcoming fireplace and friendly faces. I miss that place!”

Marisa Hagen, Major: Public Health, Health Sciences LLC