Room changes

Room assignments are completed on a first-come, first-served basis based on availability and the date the application was submitted. The room change process occurs after initial room assignments have gone out and are only accepted during specific times of the academic year. Please see our housing timeline for open change periods.

There are no student moves allowed during the first week of the semester. Room changes requested after the cut-off date must go through the Resident Director (RD) or Graduate Resident-Director (GRD).

Requesting a room change

Room changes can be requested through your housing portal during our room-change periods. A room change includes moving to an open space in your current building or into an open space in a different building. Room changes are not guaranteed and are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Students should not change rooms until they receive an email from our Room Assignment Coordinator. Moving to another room without permission could result in an Improper Room Change charge.

Students with an approved room change granted prior to winter break must move to their new assignment before they leave, and the old assignment must be available for immediate occupancy. If you are unable to move into your new assignment prior to leaving, you must either make arrangements to store your items or take everything home and check in to your new assignment when you return in the spring.

Room swap

Room swaps can be requested after the Room Change form has been submitted through your housing portal during our room change periods. A room swap involves changing rooms with a specific person who has already been assigned a room. This process does not require a vacant space to become available. Both students must agree to the swap by emailing after they have submitted their Room Change form.

Moving to your new room

Once you have received your approval to move, you must contact your Resident Assistant (RA) to set up a time to move out from your current room.

Proceed to your new building to check in, receiving your keys and filling out your new keycard. Move all items from your old room into your new room, and then clean your old space. Once your old room is clean, check out of your old space by meeting with your RA at the agreed upon appointment time. Your room change is now complete.

Roommate conflicts

Contact your Resident Assistant (RA) or Community Assistant (CA) if you are experiencing conflicts or concerns with your roommate/suitemate.