Chapter 1 – Residence hall staff

The Department of Residential Life, Housing, and Food Services is committed to providing services for our residents that far exceed mere room and board. From the central office to your hall, the residence life staff operates as a team to make each resident's on-campus experience as positive as possible. These trained staff members are available to assist you with any problems you may have. Here's who to see if you have any questions or concerns: 

  • Your Resident Director (a full-time administrative faculty member) or Graduate Resident Director (a full-time graduate student), lives on campus and oversees residence hall staff and residents. Your Resident Assistants/Community Assistants (RA/CA) are full-time students who are trained to provide program planning, and peer support, and to help ensure policies are observed. Talk to them about activities you would like to see happen! They are also excellent resources, as they are familiar with what is available on campus. Feel free to stop by and say hello. The Academic Mentors are full-time students living in all of our predominantly freshman communities. These staff members provide programming and academic support to individuals living on campus as well as host weekly tutoring hours.
  • At each front desk, staff work to assist residents with security, and check-ins, and serve as an information resource. The front desks in many halls are staffed by an Administrative Aide on weekdays, RA's/CA's and student staff on evenings and weekends, and a Facility Attendant at night. This is where you report any problems you may have with maintenance or cleaning. You can also check out a vacuum cleaner or recreation equipment with your student ID. This is also where residents sign in guests and make an appointment with the Resident or Graduate Resident Director (RD/GRD). 
  • The Director, Assistant Directors, and other administrative staff can be contacted in the office of Residential Life.  This office is also the place to make housing and food service payments. 

Chapter 2: Get involved