Our department strives to provide facilities that ensure a safe and secure residence hall community through programs and services such as:

Campus safety

Learn about the policies that govern safety across campus.

Residential hall safety

Learn about the policies that govern safety in the residence halls and the steps you can take to prepare for emergencies. 

Property safety

University students living both on and off campus are encouraged to budget for and purchase renters insurance to cover property in case of loss, damage, theft, fire, water damage, etc.

Students under 18

We are glad you decided to have or are considering having your under-the-age-of-18 student live on campus. Our residence halls provide a structured environment for resident students to be successful by providing live-in resident directors that are administrative faculty and upper-class students as resident assistants for each floor and/or wing. Full-time day and night desk attendants are also there to assist our residents in making the adjustment to college life and for the oversight and safety of our residents.

While living in the residence halls, individual students have a limited level of supervision regardless of age. Students are permitted to come and go from their residence hall, visit students on other floors or residence halls, and make decisions about who and when guests visit them in their rooms.

We strongly encourage parents/legal guardians to have discussions with their students about understanding and following the policies and procedures of the residence halls, local and state laws, and the need to make good decisions about being successful at college. Below are some frequently asked questions concerning our under-18 students.

Is there a curfew?

Although there is no curfew for the residence halls, the City of Reno has a curfew for minors from 9:00pm to 5:00am in the downtown area and midnight to 5am in all other areas. For more information please refer to the specific municipal code (Title 8, Chapter 8.16).

What if my student is injured and/or taken to the hospital?

We suggest that parents and/or legal guardians complete and submit a minor consent to treat form to the Student Health Center.  This allows the center to treat or refer to the hospital for treatment.  Every effort is made to contact the person listed as the emergency contact.

What if my student is taken to the McGee Center at the Jan Evans Juvenile Justice Facility?

Any minor caught in any type of criminal activity, including underage alcohol violations, may be placed in police custody and the parent/legal guardian will need to be present for her/his release. The University does not assume custody for the release of a minor.